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Pan American

Posted by phpVMS Installer on 12/17/2018

Pan American World Airway is truly synonymous with aviation.

For over 60 years Pan American World Airways pioneered transom and intercontinental flights. It was the launching platform for aircraft types that set the standard by which all that came later were to be measured. For a period, as the quasi-official "Chosen Instrument", it represented America's commercial aviation policy overseas (and some would even claim it's foreign policy). Without Pan American the world's air transport the would surely be different, and even the destinies of some nations would be changed. Pan American World Airways began life in 1927 with a vision, some single engine aircraft and a single route from Key West to Havana. From this beginning came the airline that would literally open the world to aviation. Pan Am launched more new aircraft development than any other airline in history. It pioneered routes across the world's oceans and continents, eventually operating daily flights circling the globe. Then, in 1991 after 64 years of pioneering,Pan Am finally succumbed to years of crushing financial pressures.

If you like the nostalgia of the China Clipper, man! Just think of all those open miles flown by the China Clipper, San Francisco to Honolulu, Midway to the Philippines. The old propliners. New York to London and around the world. If you would like to recreate these flights of the early years of Pan American World Airways, the Trans Atlantic passenger flights or in the South Pacific, then join me in this adventure. Not everyone wants to fly the long haul flights and thats ok. There are short flights as well. It is my desire to make Pan American a fun place to enjoy the classic aircraft and the company of other Classic Flight Simulator enthusiasts.

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